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Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody (Words & music by Zaret - North)

Oh, my love, my darlingI've hungered for your touch, a long lonely timeAnd time goes by, so slowly and time can do so muchAre you, still mine?I need your love, I need your loveGod speed your love to me

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the seaTo the waiting arms of the seaLonely rivers cry, wait for me, wait for...



Alan and dj ethan us male remix nbc 68

U.S. Male (Words & Music by Jerry Reed)

Now, I'm a U.S. Male 'cause I was bornIn a Mississippi town on a Sunday mornNow Mississippi just happens to occupy a placeIn the southeastern portion of this here United StatesNow that's a matter of fact, buddyAnd you know it wellSo I just call myself the U.S. MaleThat's M-A-L-E, son. That's me!

Now I said all that to say all thisI've...


Elvis Presley - Twenty Days and Twenty Nights - remastered

Twenty Days and Twenty Nights (words & music by Weisman - Westlake)

I left my home up in the hill far behind meI left my wife with unpaid bills, she can't find meI'm trying out the world for size, find that it's not paradise, it's lonelyNow for twenty days and twenty nights I've been aloneAnd that ain't right without her

City ways are strange to me, I can't make itFor it's...


Elvis Presley Tweedle Dee live 1955

Tweedle Dee (Words & music Winfield Scott)

Tweedle tweedle tweedle deeI'm as happy as can be.Jimminy cricket, jimminy jack,You make my heart go clickety-clack.Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee.

Tweedle dum, tweedle do,Give it up give it up,Give your love to me.Tweedle do, tweedle dot.Gimme gimme gimme gimmeGimme all the love you got.

Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee,I'm a lucky...



Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / Nearer My God to Thee

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / Nearer My God to Thee (Words & music by Lemmel / Clarke) / (Words & music by Fuller / Adams / Mason)

Hmmm.....And all the world go freeNow there's a cross for everyoneAnd there's a cross for meTurn your eyes upon Jesus(where are the words) wonder proclaimAnd the paint upon the wallWill go straight ??In the light of his wonderful face

Nearer my...


Tumblin' Tumbleweeds

Tumblin' Tumbleweeds (Words & Music Bob Nolan)

I keep rolling alongDeep in my heart is a songHere on the ranch I belongDriftin' along with the tumblin' tumbleweedsSee them tumblin' downPledging their love to the groundLonely but free I'll be foundDriftin' along with the tumblin' tumbleweedsCares of the past are behindKnow where they're gone, but I'm fineJust where the...


Elvis Presley Trying To Get To You

Tryin' to Get to You (words & music by C. Singleton - R.M. McCoy)

I've been traveling over mountainsEven through the valleys, tooI've been traveling night and dayI've been running all the wayBaby, trying to get to you.

Ever since I read your letterWhere you said you loved me trueI've been traveling night and dayI've been running all the waybaby, trying to get to you

When I...


True Love

True Love (words & music by Cole Porter)

Suntanned, windblown, honeymooners at last aloneFeeling far above par, oh how lucky we areWhile I give to you and you give to meTrue love, true loveSo, on and on it will always beTrue love, true loveFor you and I have a guardian angel on highWith nothing to do but to give to youAnd to give to me love forever true



Trouble (Words & music by Leiber - Stoller)

If you're looking for troubleYou came to the right placeIf you're looking for troubleJust look right in my faceI was born standing upAnd talking backMy daddy was a green-eyed mountain jackBecause I'm evil, my middle name is miseryWell I'm evil, so don't you mess around with me

I've never looked for troubleBut I've never ranI...