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Shake a Hand

  Shake a Hand (words & music by Joe Morris)

Just leave it to meDon't ever be ashamedJust give me a chanceI'll take care of everything

Your troubles I'll shareLet me know and I'll be thereI'll stay close to youAnyplace and anywhere

Shake a hand, shake a handShake a hand if you can

Be truthful to me,I'll be truthful to youI'm in love with you soTill I don't know what to...



Separate Ways.Caminos separados

  Separate Ways (Words & music by West - Mainegra)

I see a change is coming to our livesIt's not the same as it used to beAnd it's not too late to realise our mistakeWe're just not right for each other

Love has slipped away left us only friendsWe almost seem like strangersAll that's left between us are the memories we sharedOf times we thought we cared for each...


Sentimental Me

  Sentimental Me (words & music by Cassin - Morehead)

Sentimental meGuess I’ll always will beSo in love with youSay you love me tooSentimental me

Dreaming while I liveLiving just to giveAll my love to youNo one else will doSentimental me

Reaching for the moonWishing on the starsOn my honeymoonI want to be where you are

Darling can't you seeIt was meant to beI'm in love...


See See Rider

  See See Rider (arr. by Elvis Presley)

I said see, see, see riderOh, see what you have doneI said see, see, see riderOh, see what you have doneOh girl, you made me love youNow, now, now your lovin' man has gone

hear what I say

Well, I'm going away, babyAnd I won't be back to fallWell, I'm going away babyAnd I won't be back to fallAnd if I find me a good...



Seeing Is Believing

  Seeing Is Believing (words & music by West - Spreen)

Every time I see the sun riseOr a mountain that's so highJust by seeing is believing I don't need to question whyWhen I see a mighty oceanThat rushes to the shore

If I ever had cause to doubt HimI don't doubt Him anymoreOh seeing, seeing, seeing is believingAnd I see him everywhereIn the mountains, in the valleyYes I...


Scratch My Back

  Scratch My Back (Words & music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)

One good turn deserves anotherBe my love, I'll be your loverIt's all part of nature's lawsIf you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch yours.

If you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch your backLike two peas in a pack, let's get rid of our itch together, Hmm

Joy they say is in the givingCome on give, make life worth...


Heartbreak Hotel 56-Hotel de los corazones rotos

 Ahora, desde que mi chica me dejó, / he encontrado un lugar para vivir, / al fondo de la calle Soledad, / en el Hotel de los Corazones Rotos; / estoy tan solo, / estoy tan solo, / estoy tan solo, / que me podría morir.Y aunque siempre está repleto, / aún puedes encontrar alguna habitación, / en la que los enamorados con los corazones rotos / desahogan su melancolía...



  Saved (Words & music by Leiber - Stoller)

I wanna soothe my my heart, I wanna ease my mindI wanna move my shoes and see what I can findI wanna stand up tall and open up my eyesI wanna reach out my hand until I touch the skiesI was a poor lost lamb in a deep dark holeBut now I've found that light I'm gonna save my soulI used to drink, I used to smokeI used to smoke, drink...