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Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me

  Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me (Words & music by Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)

I don't need a lot of presentsTo make my Christmas brightI just need my baby's armsWound around me tightOh oh santa hear my pleaSanta bring my baby back to me

The Christmas tree is readyThe candles all aglowBut with my baby far awayWhat good is mistletoeOh oh Santa, hear my pleaSanta bring my...



Sand Castles-Castillos de arena

  Sand Castles (Words & music by David Hess - Herb Goldberg)

At nightWhen the sky is stillWhen the south wind blowsAnd the air is warmThere's a world that's born

And for every child on the beach that dayStands a castle tall and proudAnd the warm wind crawls through the castle wallsAnd the nightfolk wake as the warm wind calls

At nightWhen the sky is stillWhen the south...


San Antonio Rose

  San Antonio Rose (Words & Music: Bob Wills)

... remember alone in my heartCall back my love of San AntonioJust pretend like tales fall apartThink once again of my love, my own A few words not known .... my heart I belong...I don't know... of my rose in San AntonioGrowing all this tender lala heartCall back my love in San AntonioIt's so sweet and tender like peddles fall...


Run On

  Run On (Traditional - arranged by Elvis Presley)

Well you may run on for a long timeRun on for a long time,Run on for a long timeLet me tell you God almighty gonna cut you down

Go tell that long tongued liar, oh well wellGo tell that midnight rider, oh well wellTell the gambler, rambler, back-biterTell them God almighty gonna cut them down

Stop God almighty let me tell...




  Runaway (words & music by Del Shannon)

As I walk along I wonderWhat went wrong with our loveLove that was so strong

And as I still walk byI think off the times we had togetherWhile our hearts were young

I'm a-walking in the rainHear it falling,And I feel the painWishing you were here by meTo end this misery

And I wonderWhyYou went awayYes, I wonder, where you will...



  Rubberneckin' (Words & music by Jones - Warren)

Stop, look and listen baby that's my philosophyIf your rubberneckin' baby well that's all right with meStop, look and listen baby that's my philosophyIt's called rubberneckin' baby but that's all right with meSome people say I'm wasting time yeh, but they don't really knowI like what I see I see what I like yeh, it gives me...



  Roustabout (Words & music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)

I'm just a roustaboutShifted from town to townNo job can hold me down, I'm just a knock-around guyThere's a lot of space beneath that skyTill I find my place there's no doubt...I'll be a rovin' roustabout

Call me the carefree kindI wander with the breezeMy mind and heart's at easeDoing what pleases me bestGotta keep-a...


Rock-a-hula Baby

  Rock-a-hula Baby (words & music by Fred Wise - Ben Weisman - Dolores Fuller)

The way she moves her hips to her fingertipsI feel I'm heaven boundAnd when she starts to sway, I've gotta sayShe really move the grass around

Rock-a-hula babyRock-a-hula babyGot a hula lulu from HonoluluThat rock-a-hula baby of mine

Although I love to kiss my little hula missI never get the...


Rip It Up

  Rip It Up (words & music by Blackwell - Marascaleo)

'Cause it's Saturday nite and I just got paidFool about my money don't try to saveMy heart says go, goHave a time 'cause it's Saturday niteAnd I'm feelin' fine

I'm gonna rip it upI'm gonna rock it upI'm gonna shake it upI'm gonna ball it upI'm gonna rip it upAnd ball tonite

I got a date and I won't be latePick her up in...


Riding the Rainbow

  Riding the Rainbow (Words & music by Weisman - Wise)

I'm riding the rainbow, hitting the highway to happinessOh yes, I'm looking to find someone whose meant to be mine

I'm living to loveand loving to liveI've got a heartI'm longing to giveI'm riding the rainbow, I'll follow that star to where you are

I'm riding the rainbow, heading for heaven and happinessI guess...