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Elvis collectors,

DECEMBER 9, 2009 Hi Elvis collectors,NEW BOOK! ELVIS: THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!!! This UNBELIEVABLY INCREDIBLE NEW hardbound Norwegian photo book 'Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas' covers Elvis Las Vegas years between 1956 and 1976; his concerts, the holidays, his wedding, a list of all the stage suits Elvis used on stage and more. It has 360 pages, with 1200 pictures (loads in color)! Same...


Elvis Presley All I Needed Was The Rain


All I Needed Was the Rain (Words & music by Ben Weisman - Sid Wayne )

Hello misfortune, how's my old friend "Mr. Misery"?I've been away so long I bet you think you saw the last of meGot no bed, to rest my headNo doors or walls or window paneNow all I needed was the rainrain, rain, rain, rain

Met a little honey at the "Buzzin' Bumble Bee Cafe"Yes I didOne drink and all my...


Elvis - A Little Less Conversation


A Little Less Conversation (Words & music by Strange - Davis)

A little less conversation, a little more action pleaseAll this aggravation ain't satisfactioning meA little more bite and a little less barkA little less fight and a little more sparkClose your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy meSatisfy me baby

Baby close your eyes and listen to the...


A Little Bit of Green ~ Elvis


A Little Bit of GreenUN POCO DE ENVIDIAAhora que la verdad es difícil de afrontarNo puedo olvidar que una vez fuiste míaOtro está en mi lugarCuando nos encontramos, mi corazón se desbocaUn poco de envidiaNubla mis ojos cuando te veoSólo un poco de envidiaCuando te veo con alguien nuevoY sé que no puedo hacer nadaPor favor, no me agobiesSon las palabras que a menudo dicesNo...


ELVIS - Ain't That Lovin You Baby


Ain't That Loving You Baby (words and music by Clyde Otis and Ivory Joe Hunter)

I could ride around the world in an old oxcartAnd never let another girl thrill my heart

Ain't that loving you baby?Ain't that loving you baby?Ain't that loving you baby?Ain't that loving you so?

I could meet a hundred girls and have loads of funMy huggin' and my kissin' belong to just...


Elvis Presley - A Hundred Years From Now


A Hundred Years From Now (Words & music by Flatt - Scruggs)

Well a hundred years from now I won't be cryingA hundred years from now I won't be blueMy heart will have to forget that we ever metBut I won't care a hundred years from now

I'll never forget sweetheart the night you told meThat you could Live without my love somehowThat's all in the past I knew it wouldn't...


Elvis - A House That Has Everything-Una casa que lo tiene todo


A House That Has Everything (Words & music by Tepper - Bennett)

I can see you now living like a queenIn a house that has everything, everything but loveCrystal chandeliers, chauffeured limousinesYes you'll really have everything, everything but love

I see diamonds, sables, sapphires and pearlsAnd as the picture clearsPoor little rich girl sitting all aloneCounting her...


Elvis Presley - After Loving You


After Loving You (Words & music by E. Miller - J. Lantz)

But now after loving you,what else is there to doFor honey, all the rest is just gonna have to be second bestI know I'll go through life comparing her to youThat's 'cause I'm no good, I'm no good to anyone after loving you

Your precious love cannot be erased by just another woman with a pretty faceAnd your memory,...


Elvis Presley A Fool Such As I


(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I (Words & music by Trader)

(Now and then there's a fool such as I)Pardon me, if I'm sentimentalWhen we say goodbyeDon't be angry with me should I cryWhen you're gone, yet I'll dreamA little dream as years go byNow and then there's a fool such as I

Now and then there's a fool such as I am over youYou taught me how to loveAnd now you...


Elvis - It's A Dog's Life

(Words & music by Sid Wayne - Ben Weisman)

If I had my life to live overI know just what I'd like to beA pampered pet of a rich brunetteSitting on my mama's kneeSomeone to love meSomeone to careRubberduck dubble little fingers through my hairI need a dog's lifeWhat a life, that's good enough for meThat's good enough for me

If I had a bone to be pickingA picking chicken or a...