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I'm Left, You're Right,

  I'm Left, You're Right,She's Gone (My Baby's gone) (words & music by S. Kesler - W. Taylor)

Well, you're right, I'm left, she's gone.You're right, and I'm left all alone.Well, you tried to tell me so,But how was I to know That she was not the one for me?

You told me all along,You're right, our love was so wrong.But now I changed my mind,Because she broke the ties that...


Elvis Presley- C'mon Everybody (1964)

  C'mon Everybody (Words & music by Byers)

Come on everybody and snap your fingers nowCome on everybody clap your hands real loudCome on everybody take a real deep breathAnd repeat after meI love my baby I love my baby Hey, hey, hey and my baby loves me

Come on everybody and whistle this tune right nowCome on everybody and stomp your feet real loudCome on everybody take a...


Elvis Presley Clean Up Your Own Back Yard (Movie Version)

  Clean Up Your Own Backyard (Words & music by B. Strange - S. Davis)

Back porch preacher preaching at meActing like he wrote the golden rulesShaking his fist and speeching at meShouting from his soap box like a foolCome Sunday morning he's lying in bedWith his eye all red, with the wine in his headWishing he was dead when he oughta be Heading for Sunday school

Clean up...



  Clambake (Words & music by Weisman - Wayne)

All right, HmmMamma's little baby loves clambake, clambakeMamma's little baby loves clambake tooMamma's little baby loves clambake, clambakeMamma's little baby loves clambake too

Hey listen world you've gotta know I'm cuttin loose and lettin' goWho needs the worry and the strifeLife can be a ball now just followin' my...


City by night

  City by Night (Words & music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)

When shadows beckon on dim-lit avenuesNight people hear the callFrom hidden alleys, secret rendezvousThey come out one and all

The city by night I'm wide awakeIt never sleeps make no mistake

Whatever sets off the sparkA magic glow lights the darkThen I'm intrigued by the sightOf the city by night

Those crowded...


Cindy, Cindy, Take #1 ~ Elvis

  Cindy, Cindy (Words & music by Kaye - Weisman - Fuller)

Wish I was an apple dangling from a treeEvery time you'd pass me by you'd take a bite of meI wish I was a bluebird I'd never fly awayI'd sit up on your shoulder baby and sing to you all day

Come on home Cindy Cindy, Come on home Cindy CindyCome on home Cindy Cindy, Come on home to me

I wrote it in a letter, carved...


Elvis Presley - Chesay (Take 6)

  Chesay (Words & music by Karger - Weisman - Wayne)

What's in the drink, chase the devil awayMagic I think so I just say ChesayChesay, Chesay bring you good luck night and dayChesay, Chesay that's the gypsy way

Trouble is my middle name, though it's such a crying shameTry and try there's nothing I can doBut I'm feeling kinda strange, feel like things are going to...


Elvis Charro

  Charro (Words & music by Strange - Davis)

With eyes that hide the man withinYou see behind the eyes of, other menYou've lived and died and come to life againAnd now you stand alone at the crossroads of your mindYou've left your yesterdays behind..But which road leads you to tomorrow?Charro...

You've turned your back on yesterdayBetrayed a man who swore he'd make you...