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Elvis Presley - Big Boss Man

  Big Boss Man (Words & music by Smith - Dixon)

Big boss man, can't you hear me when I call?Big boss man, can't you hear me when I call?Can't you hear me when I call?Well you ain't so big, you know you're just tall that's all, All rightWell you got me workin' boss manWorkin' round the clockI wanna little drink of waterBut you won't let big Al stopBig boss man now can't you...


Elvis presley - daddy big boots

  Big Boots (words & music by Wayne - Edwards)

They call your daddy Big BootsAnd Big Boots is his nameIt takes a big man to wear big bootsThat's your daddy's claim to fameThey know your daddy Big BootsWherever soldiers are'Cause he can handle an armored tankJust like a kiddy canSo sleep little soldierDon't you cryLoo loo loo looLoo loo looGeneral sandman's soon coming byLoo...


Elvis Presley-Beyond The Reef.

  Beyond the Reef (Words & music by Jack Pitman)

Beyond the reef where the sea is dark and coldMy love has gone from me and my dreams grow coldThere'll be no tears, there'll be no regrettingWill she remember me, will she forget?

I'll send a thousand flowersWhere the trade winds blowI'll send my lonely heart for I love her soSome day I know, she'll come back again to meTill...


Elvis - Beyond the bend.

  Beyond the Bend (Words & music by Weisman - Wise -/ Fuller)

Breeze sing a happy songThis heart of mine is singing right alongDon't know where I'm goingDon't know where it endsTill the grass is greener, beyond the bend

I haven't got a careI'm just on my way to anywherePocketful of nothing, nothing I can spendHope the grass is greener, beyond the bend

Beyond the...


Elvis Presley Beginner's Luck

  Beginner's Luck (Words & music by Tepper - Bennett)

First time I fell in loveI fell in love with youFirst time I dared to dreamMy only dream came true

Must be beginner's luckTo wish upon a starThat opened up my eyesAnd there you are

I wave no magic wandI own no lucky charmsHow then can I explainAn angel in my armsMust be beginner's luckWhat else can it beWhen someone...


Elvis Presley Because Of Love

  Because of Love (Words & music by Batchelor - Roberts)

Because of love, I'm a hundred feet tallI can bounce this world like a little old ballThe heaven and earth are now all mineI've jumped to the moon from cloud number nineBecause, because, because, because of love

Because of love, I'm a mighty big manI hold the sun in the palm of my handJust one leap I can cross the...


Elvis Presley Beach Shack Takes 1-3 Laughing Version

  Beach Shack (Words & music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)

When you're through swimmingI'll dry your backCome and relax girlIn my little beach shackdum-di-dum-di-dum, yeah-yeah-yeahThere'll be nothing you'll lackIt's a pleasure to welcome youIn my little beach shack

In my beach shack, baby we'll be aloneIn my beach shack, I'll make you feel at home

Take off that wet capLet down...


Elvis Presley Beach Boy Blues HQ

  Beach Boy Blues (words & music by Sid Tepper - Roy Bennett)

I'm a poor Hawaiian beach boyA long way from the beach'Cause someone shoved his face against my handNow I'm a kissing cousin to a ripe pineappleI'm in the can

I was minding my own businessBut drinking daddy's juiceI swear I'll never touch that stuff againJust like a pig before he gave his all that aluhauI'm in...


Elvis Presley Barefoot Ballad

  Barefoot Ballad (Words & music by Fuller - Morris)

I want a barefoot ballad yes a barefoot balladWon't you play for me a down home country song'Cause when I kick my shoes off and I kick my blues offWith a barefoot ballad you just can't go wrong

Give me a honk-tonk fiddle with a guitar in the middle and a melodyHumming like a fountain swinging out on Smokey mountain



Elvis Presley Bad Nauheim Medley

  Bad Nauheim Medley I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (Thomas P. Westendorf) I Will Be True (Ivory Joe Hunter) It's Been So Long Darling (Ernest Tubb) Apron Strings (Weiss/Schroeder) There's No Tomorrow (Hoffman - Corday - Carr)

I'll take you home again KathleenAcross the ocean wild To where your heart has ever beenSince first you were my bonny brideThe roses...