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Elvis Presley_ an american trilogy


An American Trilogy (words & music by Newbury)

Oh I wish I was in the land of cottonOld things they are not forgottenLook away, look away, look away DixielandOh I wish I was in Dixie, away, awayIn Dixieland I take my stand to live and die in DixieCause Dixieland, that's where I was bornEarly Lord one frosty morningLook away, look away, look away Dixieland

Glory, glory...


Elvis Presley - Am I Ready



Am I Ready (Words & music by Tepper - Bennett)

Am I ready, can my heart be true?Am I ready, to fall in love with you

One love, one girl,one dream shared by twoAm I ready, to fall in love with you

I have touched your lips,and now I knowI would be a fool, to let you go

Should I, could I, how I wish I knewAm I ready, to fall in love with you

Should I, could I, how I...


Elvis Presley A Mess of Blues


A Mess of Blues (words & music by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman)

I just got your letter babyToo bad you can't come homeI swear I'm goin' crazySittin' here all aloneSince you're goneI got a mess of blues

I ain't slept a wink since SundayI can't eat a thing all dayEvery day is just blue MondaySince you've been awaySince you're goneI got a mess of blues

Whoops there goes a...


Elvis Presley America the Beautiful


America the Beautiful (Traditional,. arranged by Elvis Presley)

O beautiful for spacious skiesFor amber waves of grainFor purple mountain majestiesAbove thy fruited plain

America, AmericaGod shed His grace on theeAnd crown thy good with brotherhoodFrom sea to shining sea

For beautiful..for spacious skiesFor amber waves of grainFor purple mountain..majestiesAbove the...


Elvis Presley - Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace (words & music by William J. Gaither,arr. Elvis Presley)

Amazing grace, oh how sweet the soundThat saved a wreck like meI once was lost, though now I'm foundI was blind, but now I seeWhen we've been there ten thousand yearsBright shining as the sunWe've no less days to sing God's praiseThen when, when we first begunToo many ages false and spentI have already...


Elvis Presley - Almost In Love


Almost in Love (Words & music by L. Bonfa - R. Starr)

Your lips were made for kisses so tenderI'm almost in love tonightWhen we are close, my heart says surrenderI'm almost in love tonight

And here under the spell of eveningI long to hold you tightHeaven is near, why think of tomorrowI'm almost in love tonight

It may be just the spell of eveningI long to hold you...


Elvis - Almost Always True


Almost Always True (words & music by Fred Wise - Ben Weisman)

I was always, baby, I was alwaysWell almost always true to youMet a pretty mademoiselleHer papa owned a small hotelOh, I was almost always true to you

I resisted tho' my arm was twistedI was almost always true to youStayed away from drinkin' wineThought about you all the timeOh, I was almost always true to...


Elvis Presley Almost


Almost (Words & music by Kaye - Weisman)

We almost shared a dreamWe almost made it as a teamHow nice it would have been.

We almost touched the starsAnd there stood heaven, almost oursWe were just outsiders looking in.

We had the chance to fallBut fate stepped in to end it allBefore it could begin.

And if it's true, you're really goingThere's nothing but goodbye to sayThe...


Elvis Presley All That I Am


All That I Am (Words & music by Tepper - Bennett)

All that I am or ever hope to beLies in your handsYou are my destinyWhen you are in my arms, I rule the worldAnd when we're far apart, how cruel the world

All that I want is to be near to youTo spend my life making it clear to youYou are my heart, my soul, my dream come trueAll that I am, I am because of you

All that I...