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Elvis Presley - Adam And Evil (Take 16)


Adam and Evil (Words & music by Wise - Starr)

Now Adam and Evil, they go hand in handEve taught him sin, that's the way it all beganBut every time you kiss me, my heart pounds like a drumSo trouble is a woman, trouble here I come

I'm lonely like Adam, you're evil like EveI shouldn't take forbidden fruit 'cause I believeI'll be heading straight for heartacheI should cut...


Elvis Presley - A Cane And a High Starched Collar


A Cane and a High Starched Collar (Words & music by Tepper - Bennett)

Cowboy, cowboy marry meI'll bake you a cherry pieWell thank you very kindly mamBut I'm too young to die

Hi-lo-do-si-dosy-doStay single and save a dollarCome Saturday night I'll court a pretty girlWith a cane and a high starched collar

Cowboy if you'll marry meI'll be your darling JennyNow why should I...


Elvis Presley - A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (Take 4)


A Boy Like Me, a Girl Like You (Words & music by Tepper - Bennett)

When a boy like me meets a girl like youThen I must believe wishes come trueI just look at you and I touch your handAnd this ordinary world becomes a wonderland

There are many girls I have met beforeBut I pass them by because I knewThere would be this magic moment,One to last a lifetime throughWhen a boy...


A Big Hunk O' Love


A Big Hunk o' Love (words & music by Aaron Schroeder and Sid Wyche)

Hey baby, I ain't askin' much of youNo no no no no no no no baby, I ain't askin' much of youJust a big-a big-a hunk o' love will do

Don't be a stingy little mamaYou're 'bout to starve me half to deathWell you can spare a kiss or two andStill have plenty left, no no noBaby, I ain't askin' much of youJust a...


Elvis y su banda



MUSICOS ORIGINALES Estaban conformados por : Scotty Moore : Guitarra Principal Bill Black : Bajo D.J. Fontana : Bateria Shorty Long : Piano Elvis Presley : Guitarra


PRODUCTOR MUSICAL Sus Productores fueron: SUN RECORDS : Sam Phillips 1954 - 1955 RCA VICTOR : Elvis Presley 1956 - 1964 RCA VICTOR :...


Elvis Presley - Little Darlin' (1977)




Little darlin', little darlin'Oh where, are you, oo oo oo ooWalla walla chipa mocka mogga Oh my lover, oh just for you, only you

My darling, I need youDarling I need you to call my ownTo hold your life, your little foot, your handI knew someone would understand thatHold my hand

My dear, I would runTo find without youOo oo oo oo ooOh, oo oo...