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The Meanest Girl in Town

  The Meanest Girl in Town (Words & music by J. Byers)

She'll tell you that she loves you, make you feel just like a kidShe'll cry to you and lie to you, she'll do 'most anythingShe'll get right up next to you and the first thing that you knowYou'll be telling her you're sorry because she hurt you soI said she's evil the most evil girl I've foundThere ain't no doubt about...


Old Shep

  Old Shep (words & music by Foley - Westpar)

When I was a ladAnd old Shep was a pupOver hills and meadows we'd strayJust a boy and his dogWe were both full of funWe grew up together that way

I remember the time at the old swimmin' holdWhen I would have drowned beyond doubtBut old Shep was right thereTo the rescue he cameHe jumped in and then pulled me out

As the years...


Elvis Presley - Guitar Man

  Guitar Man (Words & music by Hubbard)

Well, I quit my job down at the car wash,Left my mama a goodbye note,By sundown I'd left Kingston,With my guitar under my coat,I hitchhiked all the way down to Memphis,Got a room at the YMCA,For the next three weeks I went huntin' them nights,Just lookin' for a place to play,Well, I thought my pickin' would set 'em on fire,But nobody...