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This Is My Heaven & Drums of the Islands Elvis Presley

(Words & music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)

This is my heavenBeing here with youMake it last foreverThis is my heavenIt's a dream come trueMake it last foreverCome to me nowAnd take my handThis is the paradise I planYou're like an angelSent from up aboveLet's stay close togetherYou brought me heavenWhen I shared your loveMake it last foreverHere 'neath the sky beside the...


Take Good Care of Her

  Take Good Care of Her (Words & music by Warren - Kent)

Take good care of her, take good care of herI suppose I ought to say congratulationsFor you won the only girl I ever lovedBut I hurt too much to face the situationJust take good care of her, take good care of her

Just to be around her was my greatest pleasureShe was everything my future held in storeSo remember when...