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True Love

True Love (words & music by Cole Porter)

Suntanned, windblown, honeymooners at last aloneFeeling far above par, oh how lucky we areWhile I give to you and you give to meTrue love, true loveSo, on and on it will always beTrue love, true loveFor you and I have a guardian angel on highWith nothing to do but to give to youAnd to give to me love forever true



Trouble (Words & music by Leiber - Stoller)

If you're looking for troubleYou came to the right placeIf you're looking for troubleJust look right in my faceI was born standing upAnd talking backMy daddy was a green-eyed mountain jackBecause I'm evil, my middle name is miseryWell I'm evil, so don't you mess around with me

I've never looked for troubleBut I've never ranI...


Presley Treat Me Nice

Treat Me Nice (words & music by Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)

When I walk through that doorBaby be politeYou're gonna make me soreIf you don't greet me rightDon't you ever kiss me once, kiss me twiceTreat me nice

I know that you've been toldIt's not fair to teaseSo if you come on coldI'm really gonna freezeIf you don't want me to be cold as iceTreat me nice

Make me feel at...


Too Much Monkey Business

Too Much Monkey Business (Words & music by Chuck Berry)

Salesman talking to me tried to run me up a creekSays you can buy it, go on try it, you can pay me next weekUh-uh, too much monkey business, too much monkey businessToo much monkey business for me to be involved inOh-ho-ho

Blonde haired, good lookin' tryin' to get me hookedWants me to marry, settle down and get a home...


Elvis Presley Too Much

Too Much (words & music by Lee Rosenberg - Bernard Weinman)

Honey, I love you too muchNeed your lovin' too muchWant the thrill of your touchGee, I can't hold you too muchYou do all the livin'While I do all the givin'Cause I love you too much

You spend all my money too muchHave to share you honey, too muchWhen I want some lovin', you're goneDon't you know you're treatin' me...


Elvis' kisses footage (Tonight's All Right For Love)

Tonight's All Right for Love (words & music by Wayne - Silver - Lilly)

Hold me tight the moon's so brightTonight the night is right for loveAs warmed by one as stars are brightI hold you oh so close my dearThings could be that magic kissThat night of this we've waited forOh we could fly right up to the skyHow real it all seems to meThat summer night dream to meCan't you see...


Tonight Is So Right For Love

Tonight Is So Right for Love (words & music by Wayne - Silver - Lilly, based on "G’schichten aus dem Wienerwold" by Johann Strauss)

Hold me tightThe moon’s so brightTonight is so right for love

Now’s the time to sayYou’re the only oneTonight is so right for love

One by one the stars appearThey twinkle in your eyesWho’d believe that we’d be hereSo near to paradise



Elvis Presley Tomorrow Night Original

Tomorrow Night (words & music by S. Coslow - W. Grosz)

Tomorrow night Will you remember what you said tonight?Tomorrow nightWill all thrills be gone?Tomorrow nightWill it be just another memory,Or just another lovely songThat's in my full heart to linger on?

Your lips are so tender,Your heart is beating fastAnd you're willing to surrender.Tell me, darling, will it...


Tomorrow Never comes

Tomorrow Never ComesOh, me dices que me amas Si tú me dices que te importa que mañana vamos a estar juntos, oh Pero mañana nunca existe. (words & music by Ernest Tubb - Johnny Bond)

Oh you tell me that you love meYes you tell me that you careThat tomorrow we'll be married, ohBut tomorrow's never there

Oh tomorrow never, never comesOh tomorrow never comesNow you tell me that...


Tomorrow Is A Long Time..Elvis

Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Words & music by Bob Dylan)

If today was not an endless highwayIf tonight was not an endless trailIf tomorrow wasn't such a long timeThen lonesome would mean nothing to me at all

Yes and only if my own true love was waitingIf I could hear her heart softly poundingIf only she was lying by meThen I'd lie in my bed once again

I can't see my...