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There's Gold in the Mountains

There's Gold in the Mountains (Words & music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)

There are lots of girls in the mountainsAnd they're worth their weight in goldWhen they're in my arms with their lovin' charmsA treasure chest I hold

Well there's gold in the mountains, love in the hillsI don't need no city women with their diamonds and frillsThere's gold in the mountains and oh what...


There's a Honky Tonk Angel (Who'll Take Me Back In)

There's a Honky Tonk Angel (Who'll Take Me Back In) (Words & music by T. Seals / D. Rice)

When was the last time you kissed meAnd I don't mean a touch now and thenIt's been a long time since you felt like my womanAnd even longer since I felt like your man

So tell me if you think it's overAnd I'll leave it up to you how it ends'Cause if you don't want the love I can give youWell...


There's a Brand New Day on the Horizon

There's a Brand New Day on the Horizon (Words & music by J. Byers)

There's a brand new day on the horizonEverything's gonna be just fineThere's a brand new day on the horizonAnd the whole world's gonna be mine

I'm gonna tell old trouble, he'd better be moving onHappiness is going to take his place around here from now onThe old dark clouds are gonna roll awayThe sun is gonna...


there is so much world to see

    Presley Elvis Lyrics

Baby it's wrong wrong as can be To try and tie guy like me I could never settle down in a little sleepy town There's so much world to see Sure would be happy for a while But then we'd have to part When tears replace your loving smile Well I don't want to be the guy who has to break your heart So here's where it...


There Is No God but God

There is no God, but God,I know this is trueGod made everything,He made me, He made youThere'd be no birds,No planes to sail in the blueWithout his wondrous eyesTo see them throughThey say God made landAnd He gave it all to manYes I know He's mighty good and trueThere is no God, but GodAnd He knows everything to doSo just you call on HimAnd He will share His love with...


There Ain't Nothing Like A Song

  There Ain't Nothing Like a Song (Words & music by Byers - Johnston)

When you say that's it boyI'm finally beatYou're goin' ninety miles an hourDown a dead end street

You don't want to fight no moreYou think that you can't winCome on boy take a real deep breathJump right in and

Hold your head up highOh you gotta be strongCome on and sing, sing, singThere ain't nothing...


The Next Step Is Love(pyb) -El siguiente paso es el amor

Otra estupenda cación , de mis favoritas

  The Next Step is Love (words & music by Evans - Parnes)

Yesterday, I slipped awayThe sun is welcoming the evening shadowsOn a perfect day and the next step is loveThe next step is love

We walked barefoot through the misty meadowsLaughing at each other in the rainMade some faces at some people in the parkDidn't bother to...


The Love Machine-La máquina del amor

  The Love Machine (Words & music by Nelson - Burch - Taylor)

Step right up to the love machineYou may get lucky when you zap a dreamLet the wheel go round, round and roundYou may win that girl you've never found

She may be Suzy or MaybellineShe could be Cathy or AngelineLet the wheel go round, round and roundTry your luck right now on the love machine

We're just a bunch...